Columbitech announces support for IoT devices, releasing its Mobile VPN for the Raspberry PI platform

Columbitech today announces its release of its IoT solution – dubbed “Things Secured” – geared to eliminate one of the largest holdback factors for innovators enabling the power of IoT. “The Increasing awareness of the challenges involved with securing “face-less” devices emerging with IoT, has inspired us to offer early adopters and developers a version of our Mobile VPN for the Raspberry PI platform”, says Tobias Englund, CEO at Columbitech, “and as such engage earlier in the conversion of the need for integrity of data at the get-go of mobile initiatives, targeting anything from sensors to connected cars”, he continues.

Columbitech offers a unique “software-only” solution with a flexible design and small footprint, making it attractive for developers of mobile solutions across various platforms.
Its Security Software solution is currently protecting Enterprise users, Field workers, Government agencies, Retailers and Embedded Devices, offering compliance with the cryptographic guidelines and authentication requirements enforced by Industry regulators such as NIST/FIPS 140-2, HIPAA and PCI.
It further offers a robust and seamless always-connected feature with network roaming and resumed transactions between i.e. WiFi and LTE, and with performance enhancements to further ensure the Quality of Services used over the Mobile Network.

“With our long standing experience of developing versions for Linux and Mobile VPN for embedded devices, we simply used our own free version of the Columbitech Mobile VPN SDK. It took us a couple of days to port our core technology, and we will continue to support other interesting platforms at a rapid pace”, says Lars Laven, CTO Columbitech. “The other problem we think we have solved is the security provisioning, where we now remotely request and issue certificates and manage updates and changes in real-time”, he explains further.

The Things Secured solution is immediately available for testing and evaluation at no cost, and offers a Mobile VPN tunnel with mutual Authentication, encryption and integrity controls using Raspberry PI.