Columbitech Introduces FIPS-validated Mobile VPN for iPhone and iPad for Risk-free BYOD

Enterprise-grade mobile VPN for the Apple iOS allows employees to bring their personal mobile devices to work by creating a secure separation between personal and enterprise data.

Columbitech Inc., a leading mobile VPN security provider, today announced the availability of the enterprise-grade Columbitech mVPN Secure Browser for iPhone version 5.0 or later. The mVPN Secure Browser is a browser-based VPN and the latest addition to Columbitech’s FIPS 140-2-validated mobile VPN product suite, which already includes mobile VPN protection of Android and Windows Mobile smartphones. The mVPN Secure Browser also supports the iPad and iPod Touch.

The mVPN Secure Browser provides secure access to intranet resources and other Web-based applications behind an organization’s firewall without degrading the performance of the connection. It supports mutual two-factor authentication with unique client certificates. Information accessed through the Columbitech browser is encrypted, using up to 256-bit AES encryption. It also provides integrity monitoring (SHA-1) of all data in motion as well as support for network access control. The Columbitech VPN is FIPS 140-2-validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

“The Columbitech mVPN Secure Browser for iPhone and iPad helps organizations realize their BYOD strategy by creating a secure separation between how users access personal and enterprise data on the device,” said Tobias Englund, president of Columbitech, Inc. “The secure browser functions like a secure container and lets organizations lock down important applications and browser’s access to sensitive data in real time, and without storing any data on the device.”

The Columbitech mVPN Secure Browser is built from the ground up for protection of wireless devices. It provides a persistent network connection with seamless roaming across wireless networks as users move around and switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks or temporarily lose coverage. Advanced data compression provides up to 100 percent faster throughput, optimizing the performance of all Web applications.

The mVPN Secure Browser client for the Apple iOS is available to download directly from iTunes. The VPN server can be hosted on-premise, or organizations can use Columbitech’s cloud-based VPN server.

About Columbitech

Columbitech, a leading mobile VPN provider allows organizations to protect their entire workforce with one cost-effective VPN solution. The Columbitech Mobile VPN is software-based and FIPS 140-2 certified, offering secure, persistent wireless access from laptops, tablets and smart phones with seamless roaming across Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite networks. With more than two million users, customers include three of the top ten U.S. retailers, public safety agencies, all U.S. military branches, postal and logistics companies, and large telecom providers. Columbitech is privately held with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York, USA.

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