The Columbitech Mobile VPN client for Android 4.4 KitKat enables new exciting features

Columbitech has today released Columbitech Mobile VPN client for Android with support for the new OS version 4.4, also known as KitKat. There are no major changes in the client but new possibilities in the operating system with regards to Host Card Emulation provides for interesting combined security features.

“The ability in the Android KitKat OS to not only act as a NFC reader but also to emulate smart cards, gives businesses the opportunity of limiting VPN access based on the availability of an emulated smart card, thus providing multifactor authentication combined with for instance username/password authentication.”, says Tobias Englund, President of Columbitech Inc. “This means that employees can use their phones as the trusted element for accessing corporate premises both physically and virtually.”

For those already using smart cards for physical work access, there is now finally a simple approach to use the smart card to identify users and manage access to information systems. The same cards that already have been deployed can now be read by an Android device, and be used as a factor for authentication. “This will significantly simplify the integration and management of a VPN solution, since standardized and secure interfaces to information based on who you are is already available. Also, if an employee leaves the company you only need to revoke the smart card to disable both access to company premises and internal systems.”

The Columbitech Mobile VPN client for Android is available on Google Play.

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