Columbitech Executive Management Team


Photo by: Niklas Wegdell

Tobias Englund, CEO

Tobias Englund brings more than 15 years of experience in the wireless communications industry. Prior to joining Columbitech, Inc., Tobias was based in Sweden and responsible for technical marketing, PR, and U.S. sales operations. Tobias also has several years of consulting experience with Ericsson focusing on wireless communication.



Lars Lavén, CTO

Lars Lavén is one of the co-founders of Columbitech and the key architect and developer of the Columbitech Mobile VPN. Lars started his career at Scandinavian telecom operator Telia in 1994, where he developed security systems for wireless access. He has also worked Software Development Consultant in several large projects for Ericsson Radio. He holds several patents in the security and mobile communications area.



Mats Persson, VP of Product Management

Mats Persson is responsible for product design functions, product roadmap, and product plan implementation and is one of the co-founders of Columbitech. He has more than 15 years of experience in wireless communication, embedded systems, and security software product development. Before joining Columbitech, Mats worked in key technical positions in projects for Ericsson and SAS.


Ola Jonsson

Ola Jonsson, VP of World Wide Sales

Ola Jonsson brings 20 years of experience from senior positions in sales and channel management. Prior to joining Columbitech, Ola worked for Cisco, Nokia, and several other IT and telecom operations. He holds a Master of Science from the Institute of Technology in Linköping, Sweden.


Lars Resenius, CEO

Lars Resenius, VP of Business Development

Before joining Columbitech, Lars Resenius spent five years doing research at Ericsson. He was an executive with and co-founder of the successful Swedish consulting company Kvadrat, which has large multinational clients in the data and telecom sectors. Lars has extensive entrepreneurial experience and expertise in wireless technology. He brings 20 years of business and technology management experience and holds several patents in the security and mobile communications area.