Mobile security in education

Device diversity a real challenge when students bring their own devices to campus.

Educational institutions handle large amounts of sensitive and private information, including students’ financial information, Social Security numbers and educational records. As a consequence, IT administrators are challenged with how to secure wirelessly transmitted data and protect the information from unauthorized access.

Yet another challenge is how to support a myriad of computers and operating systems, of which many are student-owned devices. With as many as 50,000 users spread across multiple satellite campuses, deployment and support are additional key issues.

Education VPN Usage

Secure remote and mobile access

Columbitech Mobile VPN is a security software solution developed especially for wireless networks. It creates a secure tunnel over the Internet, so both remote users and users at satellite campuses can securely access the network resources as if they were on the main campus.

With support for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, Android, and Linux, Columbitech Mobile VPN is designed to secure the diverse range of student-owned devices. It can also be deployed as a site-to-site VPN to connect several satellite campuses on one large network.

Columbitech Mobile VPN uses FIPS 140-2-validated end-to-end encryption to protect data from eavesdropping. It supports advanced two-factor and multifactor authentication with single sign-on to ensure that only authorized users are granted access to the campus network. In addition, Columbitech Mobile VPN provides integrity monitoring (SHA-1) of all data in motion as well as support for network access control (NAC) for enforcement of IT policies, which are critical components in a BYOD scenario.

Session persistence

Columbitech Mobile VPN supports session persistence and creates a persistent connection between the mobile device and the server as students, faculty, staff, and administrators move around on and off campus, switch networks, or temporarily lose coverage. Advanced data compression provides up to 100 percent faster throughput compared to SSL and IPSec VPNs.

Cloud-based or on premises

The Columbitech Mobile VPN Server supports virtualization and can be installed on a server computer on campus but is also available as a cloud-based service, where the server is hosted and managed off campus.