Protect Your Entire Workforce with Columbitech Mobile VPN

Columbitech Mobile VPN unleashes the power of wireless so that companies can realize the full benefits of enterprise mobility – increased productivity, improved customer service, and reduced operational costs.

Now your business executives can capitalize on Fearless Mobility…secure and seamless mobile access to your enterprise network—anywhere, anytime—without investing in any new hardware.

Enterprise Mobile VPN

Fearless Mobility for Business Executives on the Move

Business executives on the move can be much more productive if they have mobile access to email, calendar, and enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP systems. And, while public networks and wireless hot spots are everywhere—security remains today’s greatest enterprise concern.

Columbitech’s market-leading mobile VPN:

  • Delivers secure and seamless connectivity from your hotel room, airport, taxi, customer site, café—or wherever your work takes you
  • Securely connects your smartphones, laptops, and other wireless devices straight to your enterprise network and applications
  • Enables you to realize your vision for a secure mobile office

3G and 4G VPN — Optimized for the Wireless World

In today’s mobile world—where bandwidth is limited, connections are unstable, roaming is common, battery life is critical, and security is important—it’s imperative to deploy a connectivity solution that stands up to the most demanding wireless challenges.

Columbitech’s Mobile VPN is the third-generation VPN—powerful software built from the ground up for today’s wireless world. Columbitech delivers seamless mobile access to all enterprise applications via Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular network, and fixed access with a strong and secure LAN connection.


With Columbitech’s Mobile VPN, you never have to worry about losing connections and logging back on every time your wireless device roams to a new network or hibernates—it is all automatically handled by the VPN client. Columbitech’s wireless VPN:

  • Offers persistent connectivity and seamless security for users who move among different networks and roam in and out of coverage
  • Allows you to log in once and stay connected to your company’s intranet throughout the day—wherever you go—without having to log back in and re-authenticate
  • Automatically picks the best available connection wherever you are
  • Automatically recovers session and data after signal loss and device hibernation—extending battery life