Secure and Uninterrupted Wireless Access to Public Safety Information

Columbitech Mobile VPN provides secure and uninterrupted wireless access to public safety records from any smartphone or tablet computer. It provides police officers and emergency workers wireless access to 911 calls, warrants, vehicle registration, driver’s license information and other public safety databases. With information at the their fingertips, officers can solve crimes faster and stay alert about their surroundings. Paramedics can capture patient care data at the point of activity and get secure access to patient and clinical information directly in the ambulance.

Public Safety VPN Usage

FIPS-validated and CJIS-compliant

Columbitech Mobile VPN supports advanced two-factor authentication with unique client certificates, user-based public key infrastructure, onetime passwords, smartcards, biometric systems, and software and hardware tokens. Information is encrypted using up to 256-bit AES encryption. The mobile VPN is FIPS 140-2 validated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and compliant with the Criminal Justice Information Services’ policy for law enforcement agencies using wireless technology to connect to federal systems.

Session persistence

The mobile VPN eliminates problems with dropped connections in remote areas with spotty coverage. It creates a persistent connection between the mobile device and the server as mobile users move around and switch networks or temporarily lose coverage. Data is never lost, and users do not need to worry about having to reauthenticate or restart applications when the connection is reestablished.

Public Safety VPN Roaming

Advanced data compression

Columbitech Mobile VPN uses advanced data compression, which provides up to 100 percent faster throughput compared to SSL and IPSec VPNs. This improves the application performance in networks with limited bandwidth.

Multi-platform support

Columbitech Mobile VPN can be implemented on multiple platforms, including Apple iOS and Mac OS, Android, and Windows.


Columbitech offers single license pricing, which means that you pay only for the licenses you really use. In addition, Secure
Connect leverages existing tools for deploying software such as Windows MSI packages or mobile device management software. The servers are typically deployed as virtual machines, providing significant cost-savings in hardware and maintenance.

Easy deployment

Columbitech’s Application SDK enables seamless integration of mobile VPN functionality into any application.