Unleash the Power of Wireless without Compromising Security

Don’t let the fear of a security breach hold you back from leveraging mobile applications to their fullest potential. Columbitech makes fearless mobile retailing a reality. The Columbitech Mobile VPN unleashes the power of wireless, so retailers can realize the full benefits of wireless technology–increased productivity, improved customer service, and reduced operational costs.

Secure and reliable access to applications and store systems

Columbitech Mobile VPN is a software-based mobile virtual private network and provides mobile workers secure and reliable wireless access to mission-critical data and applications. It establishes an authenticated, encrypted tunnel, which enables mobile users to securely access network resources and transmit data over any wireless network in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Columbitech Mobile VPN supports up to 256-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication of both the client and the server.

Retail VPN Usage Example

Columbitech Mobile VPN enables retailers to protect their entire workforce with one security solution, including Wi-Fi users in the store as well as remote users connecting to network resources via cellular connections.

Developed for mobility and wireless networks

Columbitech’s VPN solution is a third-generation mobile VPN, built for the wireless world where session persistence is important. Unlike VPNs based on IPSec, Columbitech provides a persistent network connection with access to all applications even if the device is roaming, moving in and out of coverage, or hibernating to save battery power. Columbitech Mobile VPN automatically logs back on to the network without losing data or causing any interruptions, whereas IPSec VPNs will be timed out and users will be forced to log-in again and may lose data.

Broad Device Support

The VPN client supports the whole range from legacy DOS to the latest Android and Apple handhelds, and is protecting mobile computers, smartphones, POS devices, payment terminals, scales, laptops, printers, and other retail-specific devices in thousands of retail stores across the U.S.

High Scalability

Columbitech’s VPN solution is highly scalable and supports up to 5,000 concurrent sessions per server and five servers per gateway server. The solution fits small companies with a handful users as well as large deployments with thousands of users spread across hundreds of retail locations.

Three of the top ten U.S. retailers among the users

The Columbitech Mobile VPN is the world’s most-deployed wireless VPN, and three of the top ten U.S. retailers have already deployed Columbitech’s solution to ensure a PCI capable environment.

More Cost-Efficient and Optimized for the Wireless World

Because it is optimized for the wireless world, Columbitech’s mobile VPN delivers powerful operational advantages and offers significantly lower cost of ownership than conventional VPNs:

  • Offers the most cost-efficient way to protect your customer data and to comply with the PCI standard.
  • Closes all security holes in your wireless environment, including protection of LAN, WLAN, WAN, 2G/3G/4G, and EVDO networks.
  • Protects Android, Windows and Apple devices with the same VPN solution
  • Secures mobile computers, laptops, smartphones, wireless payment terminals, scales, printers, and checkout registers without any changes to the hardware.
  • Provides a one-of-a-kind solution for securing legacy equipment with a secure migration path to new technology platforms.
  • Safe-guards any application and offers a seamless user experience.
  • Delivers enhanced mobility features, such as session persistence and advanced data compression, with up to 60 percent better throughput compared to other VPNs.
  • Builds uniquely on security industry standards vs. proprietary technology that creates risk.
  • Protects the entire workforce with one VPN solution, which includes remote access for traveling retail executives or store managers and real-time inventory visibility for the retailer’s trucking fleet and store workers.
  • Provides centralized configuration and monitoring of the VPN servers and the connecting VPN clients–and log files can be pulled on demand as required by PCI.
  • Offers WLAN intrusion detection and automatically generates alerts if an unauthorized user tries to connect to the network.