Seamless Roaming Among 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.

Seamless Roaming

Columbitech Mobile VPN provides secure and persistent wireless access for the entire workforce accross all network types

Mobile users typically rely on many different network types, including cellular, corporate LANs and WLANs, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Transition between these networks needs to be efficient and seamless or it will quickly have a negative impact on productivity and the user experience.

Columbitech Mobile VPN provides seamless roaming across multiple networks and carriers

Columbitech Mobile VPN supports seamless roaming among different network types, allowing its users to focus on their task at hand instead of worrying about the network connection. The device automatically switches to the best available network and the user doesn’t have to re-authenticate. The support for seamless roaming and session persistence ensures that the applications are always available and that use is hassle free.

Public Safety VPN Roaming