Session Persistence: Continuous and Reliable Wireless Access

Session Persistance Anywhere

Columbitech Mobile VPN provides secure and persistent wireless access for the entire workforce everywhere.

Unlike legacy VPNs, a true mobile VPN provides session persistence with automatic session resume, providing continuous wireless access to applications during coverage gaps, while roaming between different networks, and if the device hibernates (to save battery power). This feature is extremely important for wireless users and saves a lot of time and frustration over the course of a workday.

Columbitech Mobile VPN provides session persistence with automatic session resume

Columbitech Mobile VPN supports session persistence, and the session resume functionality automatically resumes the session as the device regains coverage or wakes up after hibernation mode. Moreover, it ensures that no data is lost and the user can continue to use the application until the network connection is re-established. Columbitech Mobile VPN will resume transmitting data exactly where the application was interrupted. This process is completely seamless to the user. The VPN session is maintained with no need to restart applications or authenticate again.

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