Columbitech Mobile VPN Embedded SDK – Adding Security to Any Mobile Device

Columbitech Embedded SDK is a software library, which enables device manufacturers to create secure VPN clients for any wireless device on any standard or non standard operating system or CPU. The SDK adds session persistence and FIPS140-2 validated cryptographic protection to any device, communicating over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or satellite networks.

Columbitech’s client technology is highly efficient in terms of CPU and memory requirements and has no operating system specific dependencies. Our Embedded SDK is primarily suitable for device manufacturers that want to add security to their existing devices even if the devices has limitations in terms of memory and computing power. As a result, the solution will fulfill the requirement for WPA2 or VPN security on all devices as stated by Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Through Columbitech Embedded SDK virtually every platform with a C compiler can implement strong and efficient VPN security with very small effort. The embedded client is composed of several modules that can be replaced with device specific optimized assembler implementations. Our embedded client SDK has a standard ANSI C programming interface with object libraries for the most common platforms. Assembler optimized versions are available for certain processors, such as Intel 8086/8080 and Intel Pentium.