Columbitech Mobile VPN for iPhone and iPad

Columbitech Mobile VPN is the latest addition to Columbitech’s FIPS 140-2 validated mobile VPN solution and it is designed for iPhone and iPad, iOS version 9.0 or later. The app provides an end-to-end encrypted VPN tunnel between the iOS handheld device and an organization’s network, enabling mobile users to securely access data over any type of wireless network. Just like other Columbitech products, Mobile VPN for iOS provides a secure and seamless experience without affecting the speed of the connection.

FIPS-validated security for enterprise iOS users

FIPS Validated VPN

Users are prompted to authenticate themselves when they start a Mobile VPN session, all the data is encrypted, and the VPN only opens one port in the firewall. Columbitech Mobile VPN supports mutual two-factor authentication and up to 256-bit AES encryption, protecting against unauthorized access, man-in-the middle attacks and eavesdropping. It also provides integrity monitoring (SHA-1) of all data in motion as well as support for Network Access Control (NAC), which enables enforcement of the organization’s IT policy. The Mobile VPN also offers secure distribution of X.509 client security certificates. The Columbitech VPN solution is FIPS 140-2 certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Session persistence and seamless roaming

Columbitech Mobile VPN is built on a session-level VPN infrastructure, which eliminates the weaknesses of traditional VPN solutions. It provides a persistent connection with seamless roaming across wireless networks as the user moves around and switches between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Glitches are seamless to the user, who can continue to work as normal even if the device temporarily loses the connection to the network. Advanced data compression provides up to 100 percent faster throughput, optimizing the performance of slow connections.

Public Safety VPN Roaming

Download directly from iTunes

The Columbitech Mobile VPN solution is a client/server-based VPN software architecture and does not require any additional hardware. The Mobile VPN client is downloadable through iTunes or directly in the iPhone and iPad from App Store. The VPN server software supports virtualization and can be installed on a server computer on premises or the customer can choose to use Columbitech’s cloud-based VPN solution, where the server is hosted and managed off-site.

Columbitech Mobile VPN protects more than two million users and customers including three of the top ten U.S. retailers, public safety agencies, all U.S. military branches, postal and logistics companies, and large telecom providers. With support for Android, iOS and Windows, Columbitech can provide a comprehensive VPN solution that is optimized for mobile users.