Columbitech Mobile VPN – Secure and Persistent Wireless

Always Connected Always Secure

Columbitech Mobile VPN is a software-based mobile virtual private network and provide mobile worker secure and reliable wireless access to mission-critical data and applications. It establishes an authenticated, encrypted tunnel, which enables mobile users to access network resources securely from any wireless network.

Because of its wireless roots, Columbitech built a VPN that provides exceptional reliability—not only for laptops, but also for true mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs. Columbitech offers all the advantages of a traditional VPN, but with additional features such as session persistence, support for simultaneous voice and data, advanced data compression, and seamless roaming as users move among networks.

Strong Security VPN

Strong security with FIPS 140-2 validation

The mobile VPN establishes an authenticated, encrypted tunnel, enabling mobile users to securely access applications and network resources residing on the corporate network via a public network. Columbitech’s VPN solution is FIPS 140-2 validated and designed for compliance with SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Session persistence

Columbitech Mobile VPN supports both wired and wireless connections but is built to provide optimal performance for mobile users who constantly move around and roams between different wireless networks. Unlike traditional VPNs, it provides session persistence and transaction recovery as the device roams or loses coverage – with no lost data, time-consuming restarts of applications or repeat login procedures.

Public Safety VPN Roaming

Advanced data compression

Advanced data compression with up to 100 percent increased throughput compared to SSL and IP Sec VPN is another large benefit for mobile users. It significantly improves the performance over networks with limited bandwidth.

Features overview


  • FIPS 140-2 validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Designed for compliance with SOX, HIPAA, and PCI
  • Up to 256-bit AES encryption
  • Integrity monitoring (SHA-1)
  • Two-factor (dual) authentication with support for mutual authentication
  • Network Access Control (NAC)


  • Support for Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G and satellite as well as wired network connections
  • The intra-network roaming feature handles network logins automatically, allowing users to transparently move between networks
  • Session persistence and transaction recovery
  • Advanced data compression/acceleration, providing up to 100 percent faster throughput
  • DTLS over UDP support for streaming multimedia and VoIP

Control & Visibility

  • Activity monitoring, tracking and forensic analysis


  • Up to 5,000 concurrent sessions per server and five servers per gateway server
  • From 1 to an unlimited number of users
  • Several VPN servers can be grouped together behind a gatekeeper for load balancing and redundancy


  • Leverages existing tools for deploying software such as Windows MSI packages or mobile device management software (MDM)
  • Is completely software based and does not require any special hardware
  • The servers are typically deployed as virtual machines
  • Only pay for the seats you really use instead being forced to buy bulk