Protect your Devices from the KRACK Vulnerability

Recently a new form of vulnerability has been confirmed in the WPA2 protocol – the protocol that is the most used form of encryption and protection for WiFi networks. The vulnerability is called KRACK, which stands for Key Reinstallation Attacks. This attack can for instance be used to trick your device to install an encryption key for the wireless network that does not encrypt, so all data you send, including passwords and bank data, could be seen in real time by an attacker.

“The news about WPA2 is an enormous blow to the WiFi industry”, says Tobias Englund, President of Columbitech Inc. “This once again highlights the importance of using a VPN solution to secure your wireless devices. Not even on a WPA2 network, which your device most likely will list as a secure connection, is your data safe from theft.”

Columbitech mVPN can be used to protect against the KRACK vulnerability no matter what type of device you are using. Anything from IoT devices (Internet of Things), iPhones, Androids or tablets to Windows or Mac OS computers can be used together with Columbitech mVPN.

Contact us today at today if you are worried about your company’s fleet of wireless devices. Since the method of the KRACK vulnerability is now out in the open for anyone to use, it is very important that you start protecting your mobile work force’s data as soon as possible.

You can read more about this vulnerability here: